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The Graduate Program in Biosciences (PPGB) is intended for the training of highly qualified personnel for research activities and for the exercise of university teaching in the following areas of knowledge: Biophysics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Physics medical Physiology, Genetics, Immunology, Parasitology, Toxicology and Animal Biology. Ranked as level 6 assigned in the evaluation of CAPES (2004-2006 and 2007-2009), the PPGB is currently among the best programs in the country in Biological Sciences Area I of CAPES and also ranks among the top three graduate courses of UERJ.


The program, which offers Master's and PhD level courses, is divided into 5 lines of research, in which 26 projects are developed in which all the permanent faculty members as well as the currently enrolled and the graduated students, the undergraduate students and collaborating researchers.


The courses offered cover all areas of knowledge represented in the program and are taught mostly at UERJ.


The development of research projects happens not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in other parts of Brazil and abroad through local collaborations with renowned Brazilian researchers and representatives of important foreign institutions.


In activity for 41 years, the PPGB has facilitated the emergence of other postgraduate courses in UERJ, that stemed from research groups that have been consolidated in the areas of Morphology (PG-BHEx, 1993), Clinical and Experimental Pathophysiology (PG-CLINEX , 1997) and Ecology and Evolution


(PG-ECO, 2006). More recently (2008), a new nucleated program involving researches that left PPGB, was approved by CAPES: the Program of Graduate Studies in Plant Biology (PPGBV).


The PPGB has been high ranked in the evaluations carried out by the scientific committee CB-I / CAPES due to the high standard of its faculty members, to its institutional exchange activities and international cooperation and, especially, by the large participation of students in qualified scientific production. The students graduated at PPGB are placed in different institutions of the country, performing teaching and research activities and in healthcare and industries in the public or private sector.


Ranked level 6 (2004-2006 and 2007-2009) Approved by the CNE (MEC Executive order 524, DOU 30/04/2008 – Formal opinion CES / CNE 33/2008 29/04/2008 and Dispatch of the Minister / MEC – Formal opinion CES / CNE 35/2010, 10/02/2010).


Accreditation CFE Master nº.843 / 81 and Doctorate nº.287 / 90.


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Programa de Pós-graduação em Biociências


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